Today we explore the most important question anyone can have, is God real? In order to find the answer to this we need to first find out if the bible is based on the original scriptures. Then if that is true, does it contain sufficient information to prove the existence of God. Let’s explore these together and come up with answers.

The Bible

So where did the bible come from? And How do we know if it is correct? This is going to take time; so please stay with me on all of this. It is important and in the end you will understand why we went over all of this.

First some of the statistics:

In the King James bible there are 39 books in the old testament and 27 in the new testament with 1,189 chapters.  The King James Authorized Bible has 783,137 words as of Dec 8, 2015. So over three quarters of a million words. Well that will take a while to read to say the least, heck it took me over 10 years 😉

Especially if you hate old English like most people do. Everyone who first starts reading the bible does. Once you figure out the conversion to today’s English and it does take some time, but after that you will read it like any other book and all that conversion is just done in your brain automatically. Or you can pick up the new king james version which is written in today’s english.

Old or new?

Here is the problem with the new version. For the sake of reading it is good, for the sake of accuracy it is bad. When you change God’s words, you change the meaning. That happens more than it should. I highly recommend getting both books. Sometimes you just want to read the story. So read it in today’s english. But when you are searching for the real meaning. You have to go back to the basics, use the King James in old english. Also you can read my article on “How do you study the bible

God and the future

I will also add that there is a great deal of the bible is the future. Yes, the bible contains our future written in advance. That statement may be hard to believe right now. But it will be clear later. That fact alone proves the bible comes from God. I will not be proving that right now. That is for another article, not this one. The best explanation I have heard is that God lives outside time.

At least as our pea sized brains understand it. So he knows how the future unfolds and told us a great deal about it. For fun read Matthew 24 Mark 13 and Luck 21. Yes I know they are all different and for a good reason. I will try to get to it in a later article as well.

What does the word Bible mean?

In English the word “Bible” means book or books, simple enough. In Greek it is biblia, meaning “little books.” Since there are 66 Books in the bible this makes a great deal of sense. 

Each one of these books contain many little books, for example the book of Isaiah has 66 Books or what today we would call chapters and Revelations has exactly 1/3rd that 22 chapters. I just thought it was kinda strange that the largest is 66 and that last is 22. Is there a message in that?

But where did it come from?

Specifically I am speaking of the King James Bible. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Back in 1611 a conference of churchmen requested that the English bible be revised because the existing translations “were corrupt and not answerable to the truth of the original”. So to make a long story short, King James of England had it created and we call it the King James edition. 

The KJV is public domain in the United States. Just so you know. I will be posting the entire thing on Nexus Bible soon, it is almost ready.

This is according to

How do we know it is correct?

I had this question too, back when I first started to study about God and the bible. No one from the past has been around to tell us. So we must look into the past to find our answers. One place to look would be where it all started. That is where they have found the most evidence to date. They have found all kinds of things including King David’s actual seal. You know the one that the King would use his seal to lock a letter with wax. The person receiving the letter would have to break the wax. So that proves King David did live, it proves he was king etc.

The more they dig the more they find. You can see new finds almost daily. Youtube has a lot of current videos to show you all kinds of new evidence from Jesus time and before. Some are really fascinating videos. The more you know the closer you will feel to God our creator. I personally can not wait to meet him and Jesus and the apostles and Isaiah and Daniel etc. Can you imagine the fantastic stories. It will be awesome to hear stories not written down. Have you read the article on “What happens when you die?” Since we are talking about dead people I thought you would like to know the truth. The truth about what will happen to YOU!

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Book from Isaiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls

One of the Dead Sea Scrolls – From: Google Art Project-x1-y0

Have you ever heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls? In 1946 they discovered the dead sea scrolls. From the years 1946 to 1956 they searched some 11 different caves and discovered some 981 different original scrolls or texts.  They are actual scrolls (or books). They were all hand written, exciting, right? I would loved to have been there and seen these as they found them. 

You see the entire bible is based on the original scriptures just like those found in 1946. They have gone over those and found that the King James matches the original scriptures, except for some translation errors. All of us are fallible, and the men that translated these scriptures did their best at that time. We will talk more about these “translation errors later on”.  These translation errors are mostly single words. However, that is minimal and you can check it online today, I personally like they have many ways you can view them. You can see the original next to the correct one and see the original words so you can also verify it yourself. This reminds me, did you hear that the “The Museum of the Bible” purchased FAKE dead sea scroll fragments? It’s sad that people do those kinds of things. The original Dead Sea Scrolls are authentic, but the museum got duped. You should read the articles.

What no copy machines?

All of those original scrolls were written one at a time by the various men in the bible. Please note that in the old testament most of it was God telling them what to write. So they were mostly scribes. Like the book of Revelations which was scribed by John, but dictated by God who gave it to Jesus who sent and signified it by his angel to John his servant. This path is significant and we will talk about that in another article later on.

These scrolls were also written in several different languages as the different men spoke different languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, etc. in the old testament and Greek for new testament.  

Research on dead sea scrolls

Can you imagine the pain staking time it took to go over all of these fragments?

These scrolls had to be reproduced by hand because they did not have copy machines for thousands of years. Every temple had to have their own copy of all the different scrolls or books, so as you can imagine that was a lot of work to reproduce all of these for the temples.  

So why did they find the scrolls in caves in 1946?

At different times in history the scrolls had to be hidden from the new rulers because they would be destroyed by these new rulers who did not believe in the one true God.  You know like many people today who think God is just someone’s vivid imagination. 

God exists Irrefutable proof

If some of you are thinking, it is impossible to prove God is real. Well, actually this is much easier than you think. Just keep reading.

To put it into simple terms, the bible contains information that was impossible for the authors to know at the time that they recorded these facts. Do I have your attention now? At least they could not know at the time of writing them, because it would take another three thousand years for man to learn a great many of these things.  

God gave us the Torah

The Torah which is the first 5 books of the bible were written down around 1400 b.c. By Mosses, and dictated by the one true God. We will clear that up later.

God dictated to Moses the first five books of the bible called the Torah Scrolls

Torah Scroll Jewish Faith

Let’s be clear, this is one 1400 b.c. yes thousand four hundred years before Jesus Christ walked on the earth during his ministry. Also another book Job which is actually older than that, was written around 1500 b.c.  Yes, one thousand five hundred years before Jesus Christ. We will also explore the Psalms and Proverbs and Ecclesiastes which were written by Solomon and his father King David contributed much of the Psalms as well. 

The main point here is that these books or scrolls were written over 3000 years ago. Also even though King Solomon was given extreme knowledge only further proves God’s existence in the first place, but I digress.

The bronze age

God knows how little we knew back in the Bronze Age.

Late Bronze Age, ribbed socketed axe

The fact is this was the bronze age, and modern science would not come to life for thousands of years. It was around the renaissance period 1450 to 1600’s somewhere in that time period. So the point is that these books are old, in fact very old. So old that people did not know much at all. Even simple concepts today would baffle them like zero or nothing. They would say what the heck is nothing? I know it sounds strange to think that this is a concept that would only come to us later on.

Getting back, during this time they were discovering how to make glazed pottery, or how to kiln fire bricks. They even figured out how to make the left and right shoes.  Yes I know, WOW, what a revelation that was. Hay my new shoes go on different feet, that’s great. So which one goes on which foot? But wait there’s more, they even invented the oar, you know for rowing, like a canoe. 

Yes I am having a little fun at their expense, but I am trying to drive home the point. These people were very simple, they were still good people to be sure, but they really did not know much, even if you were to compare them to a child today. They would think the children of today were geniuses.

Here are just a few facts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also before I go over this list; I did not come up with all these all on my own. I learned just like everyone else from others and from reading the bible and God’s help as well. Every time you learn something new, chances are you learned it from someone else, I am just like you.

Lets go over just a few of these:

God is real #1

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 6:6 “Go to the Ant, thou (you)  sluggard; consider HER ways, and be wise.” 

God told us Ants are female, yes the worker ants are female. But we did not figure this out until the 1800's

Black Ants by Sandeep Handa – Pixabay

Did you catch it? Yes the bible describes Ants as “Her” as in females not males. Just think about it for a minute; In a book that talks so much about men, why would he say “her”. Well as it turns out ants are females, not males. Entomologists did not discover this little gem until the 1800’s.  Yes there are male ants but they are not of much use other than procreation. You ladies will probably say “so you guys are all the same if you are insects or humans, am I right?

Yes, God gave Solomon knowledge and obviously gave him the knowledge that Ant workers were females. I will admit that once I learned this I actually started to feel bad about killing the ants. I mean they are females after all, and I am a man that was raised to respect and protect females.

Proof God is real #2

Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 1:6 “The wind goeth (goes) toward the south, and turneth (turns) about unto the north: it whirleth (whirls) about continually, and the wind returneth (returns) again according to his CIRCUITS.” 

God created the Jet Streams and told us about them, but we did not figure it out till 1939

Dimitris Vetsikas – Pixabay

In 1920 they discovered the JET STREAMS. Although the term “Jet Streams” was not actually used until 1939. But the jet streams are in your bible, amazing that God told King Solomon about this. After all Solomon may be the smartest man to ever live. Yes I realize that is saying a lot, but I did say may be. I do not know for sure and no one but God does.

More proof God exists #3

King David wrote Psalms 8:8 The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth (passes) through the paths of the seas. 

These “paths of the seas” were finally discovered by Matthew Fontaine Maury. His Inspiration came from Psalm 8:8, and 107:23,24 and Ecclesiastes 1:6. Matthew Fontaine Maury in 1847 discovered the ocean currents they call him the Father of Oceanography, oh well, some day people will appreciate God’s blessings on the earth.

Even more proof God is real #4

Jonah 2:5-6  “The WATERS compassed me about, even to the soul: the depth closed me round about, the weeds were wrapped about my head.” (6) I went down to the bottoms of the MOUNTAINS; the earth with her bars was about me forever; yet hast thou brought up my life from corruption, O Lord my God.” 

Proof God is real - Under sea mountains

Under Ocean Mountains

In 1957 submarines and oceanographic research vessels were invented. They finally discovered mountains under the ocean. Until then only God and Jonah knew that they existed.

God is real last proof today #5

In Job 28:25 To make the weight for the winds: and he weighteth (weighs) the waters by measure. Amazing that we finally discovered the weight of gases in 1808. Obviously God knew they had weight since he created the gases.

There is a lot more proof, and maybe for a later article.

The entire bible is just full of these kinds of facts. Yet it is not a book on science. The bible simply contains so much information that we could not have known at the time they wrote it down. The fact is we could not even validated this information until the 1800’s. Three thousand three hundred years later. How could that be possible? God who created everything gave us this knowledge. The bible proves itself, how amazing is that?

There are some things that have yet to be proven

I mentioned previously that much of the bible is the future actually written in advance. There is so much on what is actually happening right now as in today! Also what will happen tomorrow. You will be totally blown away once you read all of it. Ok, if you understand it. But those are topics for another day and another article.

In closing, do you see it would be impossible for anyone to know these facts at the time they were written. Only the one true God could know any of these facts at that time. Does this article prove to you God exists, and that the bible is his word?

Tell me what you think

Please share this with your family and friends. They deserve to know the truth of the matter. After all this is the most important matter in our lives to be sure. I can and will actually prove that in another article called “Why were you born?” It is coming soon so keep watching and reading.

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

II Timothy 2:15 KJV “Bold text for effect”

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