Pardon, what time do you have? –End time?

Great Reset or End time? Is it close? Take one look around you at the world, it is now Bizarro World. A Raze wire wall and thousands of troupes surround the nation’s capital. President Biden has signed 29 Executive Orders, 13 presidential memorandums, 8 proclamations, used 550 ink pens all in his first 16 days! A great many of those have the end result of empowering a huge army of bureaucrats to increase their role in your everyday life. YAY! I just love a huge Government, don’t you? Telling us what we can own, and what we can do, it’s great! I mean all of us stupid people have no idea how to run our own lives, right?

Question: Will Texas and many other republican states secede in 2021. A Great many of the top thinkers say yes, and it sounds great, but not so fast; In 1865 when the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox, the Union’s victory may have just set up a precedent that states can not legally secede. So who knows? But a lot of Americans are not happy with this new huge government. Especially since a great many of them have already been there before during the Obama years.

Wait until you see why all of this is actually happening, yes and its great, you will love it. I will take you down the “Rabbit Hole”, and it is deep and wide.

Great Reset is Betting on Black

Blackrock Financial has a great many boards of directors now in your government. President Biden picked them (well maybe he didn’t) to join our government but for what reason? Blackrock’s assets are only $165.118 billion (Q3 2020) but hey they also control something like $7 Trillion worth of assets. The entire planet has $37 trillion in circulation! So they control a lot of it. They also have 7,500+ employees, control 35 million retirement plans, 100 thousand financial client portfolios. So why are there so many of them fiddling around with our government? And why did we ask them to in the first place?

So Blackrock can now create or influence laws for whatever they want or need and make more money! Do they just want to control the USA or just rob us blind? Who knows but I really do not think it is a good thing. Mixing business with the government is always a bad idea. The politicians are not there to make money! But they always seem to figure it out anyway. The world is getting better day by day, right? Personally, I can not wait for God to return, how about you?

Covid – Binary

Covid-19 is going down maybe disappearing? Weird, what is the real truth, will we ever know? Today’s news changes to fit whatever narrative they want it to be at that time. The WHO, CDC, and the great Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci American chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden LOL. All of those people would never lie to you, right? The WHO said covid was not air-born, (wrong) CDC said mask won’t work (wrong). And get this, Dr. Fauci invested $500,000 of his money in a vaccine manufacture before he said “We must close everything until a vaccine is developed” (wrong). Since all of these people lied to us, who are you to believe?

Binary – If you believe we were born (man or woman) you are a racist? Remember the white house was lit up in the colors of the rainbow? We got the rainbow from God. It is a sign from him that he will not flood the earth again. Just how sick have we become. His rainbow was used to signify “We now defy God’s commands”. Coca Cola is now joining Biden’s “Racial Equity” charge by recruiting (quote) “10 years concentrated focus on internal and external recruitment, hiring, development and advancement of Blacks and other people of color, particularly to diversify our leadership ranks and mirror our marketplace”. If you would like to see the rest of their plan go here.

Baal – Babies

Baal – It seems as if the entire planet has gone crazy, and everyone seems like they drank from the same Kool-Aid. The Arch of Baal from ancient Babylon has been recreated for a display in New York City. I am sure you’re familiar with Baal, but just in case he is the one who wanted to kill God! Ya, nice guy, but why in the world would you want that thing. So they now see him as a great leader, no wonder they picked our new leader.

Babies – They are killing Millions of Babies, and they do not see anything wrong with that. I heard someone say they wanted to be able to kill the child up to two years old? Murder is now fine? The police are bad? So good is bad and bad is good? I am getting a headache from all of this stupidity!

Great Reset – The Players

First player: They are now in charge; They seek forcible suppression to any opposition (like and of any kind. They are authoritarian ultranationalists who have dictatorial power to crush the other players. “Do what we tell you to do, we are the government we know exactly how you are to live, and you will live that way or else.” They believe in open borders because they thrive on chaos, concealment, and distortion of the truth. They hate God the American people, the constitution, and babies! But they love MONEY!

Second player: Belief in God’s laws, they love God. Also, believes in being kind to neighbors. Willing to help anyone who needs it. Knows that every single life deserves a chance, that abortion is against God’s laws and is just plain wrong. Seriously give those children to anyone who will love and nurture them, like us.

Synopsis questions

  • How is it possible both players think the other player is crazy or just wrong?
  • When did all this crazy start?
  • Where did all this crazy come from?
  • How can this be happening today?

The United States of America, is the most powerful country to ever exist on this planet, so how could this happen to us? Well, you are about to find out. So let’s go down that rabbit hole, and read all the answers.

Down the Great Reset Rabbit Hole

Note: There is a ton of outside links, but do not worry, all of them will open in another tab so you do not lose your place if you dare to follow all the way down this deep rabbit hole. They also prove everything you will read. Most of these links were just easy to get to links, and not my original sources. There is a lot more information, so I suggest you go down each hole to see just how far it will lead you. As Saint Paul said: “Prove everything, hold fast that which is good“.

Red Alert

Do you remember the first-ever presidential alert at 2:18 p.m. ET? the 4th of October 2018 by President Trump? How about the government warning everyone should have 30 to 40 days of food stored? Why did they prepare us? Just exactly for what to come? And were these just a few of the first warning signs? So why did they warn us and nothing seemed to happen? Or did something happen and they kept all of it from us? Or were the warnings in an effort to alert you to the coming issues just around the corner of the impending doom or war? Let’s keep going and find out…

The “EMP”

Have you ever heard of an EMP or an Electromagnetic Pulse? Sure you have. They estimate that up to 90% of all Americans would die during the first 9 months if the electrical grid goes down, after an EMP attack. Oh, they have a plan in place but now that the SolarWinds hack of all five of the Military branches and the Government itself so does the other side now. They called it a “Cyber Pearl Harbor”. These hackers (China and others) now know our plans to restore our electricity after such an attack. They also know are plans to shore up our grid to defeat such an attack. Just think, if you know the plan, then you can put a stop to it. Will, we lose? 🙁

Do you have a generator or some solar panels on your roof? If you do; you need to buy one of the EMP devices that the government is now adding to our grid. They will protect your generator or solar system from an EMP attack. No, I am not an affiliate, but you should go and buy an EMP Shield (they work with the US government to fix our grid). Put one on your house, one on your car, generator, etc. These guys are the best, again I and not an affiliate for them. Everything you do not protect from your electronics will be dead permanently after such an attack.

But the Great Reset mean Game Over?

Have you heard that China’s Navy now has 100 more ships than ours? When did that happen? Ours was larger just several months ago. Here is the reason Today China wants to dominate the world, and this is coming from Bloomberg. “President Xi Jinping more than hinted at this goal in his landmark address to the 19th Party Congress in October 2017” He further stated by 2049, Xi promised, China would “become a global leader in terms of composite national strength and international influence” So ya, they are friendly, the kind of people you want all around you.

And now Xi Jinping claims to be their god. YES, let me repeat that Xi thinks he is their god! Even better, there is nothing to stop him, our president who was a business partner of the Chinese Communist Party, will not stop them. So if the US does not stop China from global domination, no one can or will. Also, we will be their first casualty.


Boy, this gets better and better. Besides Xi, the US is now partners with the World Economic Forum. And “The Great Reset”. Oh, and we are going to “build back better“. It will be great! I was a custom house designer for 30+ years and every time we rebuilt a house, we had to tear down the old house. Get it, they want to tear down the existing system (the US constitution) and “Build Back Better” You know that sounds weird, kinda clunky? Because it translated from German to English, “Jawohl herr commandant!” So, we have china, germany, who else is going to tell us how to live?

World Leaders

Otherworld partners are the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon. Should I keep going, or do you get the point? We are in so much trouble today.

When the entire planet is coming together to make one giant communist government. These people truly think they are doing the right thing, and they have no idea who is actually pulling the strings and controlling them (Satan). They are playing right into the Chinese Communist Party, and Xi Jinping plans to dominate the entire planet. If you watch the fake news you will not hear about any of this until it is way too late to do a thing about it. It actually may be too late already?

World Economic Forum?

The Great Reset founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938 (he was 7 years old by the time WWII ended, 1939-1945). The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. Do you get it, public and private (Shhh it’s a secret, don’t tell anyone) Yes pawns like us are so far down we do not deserve to own anything. But major corporations like Alphabet (Google), Facebook, Twitter, Nike, Coca-cola, etc. are going to be filthy rich. In the very near future, but you will own nothing, not a darn thing. That means even your underwear! Think I am crazy or just kidding, keep reading…

Klaus Schwab - World Economic Forum Chairman and proponent of the Great Reset

At the Great Reset World Economic Forum Executive Chairman “Klaus Schwab” said, “We must reinvent capitalism”. What they mean is all the rich people and corporations will still own all their toys, you know Jet planes, yachts, mansions, Lamborghini cars, and alike. But me and “you own nothing” and me and “you like it”. Get it? Oh, and the world leaders like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, and all the other so-called world bleaders are ALL IN ON THIS! Just read it in their own words. EVERYWHERE!


Do your own research in fact let me google it for you just click on this -> “World economic forum “you own nothing” and “you like it” will open in another tab. Amazing right, you will get 400,000 + results. Notice the quotes around the words. When you do that Google will eliminate anything that does not have those exact words. So that is a lot of people talking about this very fact. Gee, I wonder why?

In the Great Reset you will own nothing and you will be happy

Why is this guy smiling?

Really? Can you believe the governments of the world really want a great reset and they want all this to happen by 2030? That is only 9 years from now. Maybe I will be lucky and be dead. I really love God and want to be nice to everyone no matter if they spit in my face or not. But this is just nuts!

Oh, and apparently they got a lot of flack from this post on Twitter so they took it down. Well, DUH! No one wants this kind of thing done to them. We are not cattle, we are people. Just think what this will be like…

In the immediate future

Tomorrow’s Great Reset future?: Ya, we use to go shopping together and now I can’t even remember what that was like. So now we just pick what we want if we have enough government cryptocurrency, you just can’t tell how much you have since they can take it back out of your account. But the truth is most of the time we just let the algorithm pick it out for us. The algorithm seems to know what we need more than what we like. ;(

Really, that is the life the Great Reset wants us to lead. How boring would the Great Reset future be? No thank you! I will choose what I want when I want it and I will pay for it with my Dogecoin Ruff, Ruff  How about you?

Who will “Dominate the new World” in The Great Reset

The Great Reset CHINA Will! Look, people need to listen to what people say, they will tell you what they plan to do. Xi Jinping claims to be a god, I know just how crazy that sounds, but he believes it. When all the world leaders have done their great reset and taken everything away from everyone including the guns, the police. China will just step right in and take over the entire world starting with the United States of America. And not have to fire one single shot because no one will have guns or police to stop them.

Here is where you say that our military will not let them. Do you remember what Obama did to our military? In 2016 the military did not even have bullets, they were so depleted. Our new President will do the same thing that Obama did. They hate the military and police and want to remove as many as they can because these are the two main groups who will come to our aid. So they will be removed so they can not help us. How is it no one can see this? Or does no one even care? All these world leaders are playing right into Xi Jinping’s hands. And they do not even see it coming, because hate blinds them.

Chess – Climate Change

The great reset world leaders must be terrible at chess. But they seem to be good at screaming and yelling about climate change. 🙁 Don’t forget about the Paris climate accord agreement? President Biden is going to sign it again YAY 🙁 so we are all safe, right? I mean all those cows that are farting and killing all of us. Here is a question: is climate change just a tool for them to use to control everyone? I know you know the truth but let’s leave that for another article. – Climate humor 🙂

Two Planets are talking (X and Z): X asks Z: “How are you doing?Z says “Not so well, I’ve got the Homo Sapiens.” X replies “Don’t worry, I had them too, but they won’t last long. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some times you just have to laugh or you will break down and cry.

Beijing China - Smog filled air, they could use a Great Reset of their air pollution laws, but it will never happen.

Beijing China

It is a clear day in Beijing, oh wait, the wrong photo. 🙂 Od course Xi Jinping will agree to the Paris Climate accord agreement. But he will not spend one dime on change. Xi will pledge to lower emissions, but he will not do it. Xi could care less how many people die from anything let alone the smog or the climate. Just look at Beijing China in the picture, people have been wearing masks for years because their air is so bad, Xi could have done something about it, but that cost money, and to Xi people are cattle. Those poor people can not stay outside for long. And did you see how Xi treated his own people when the Wuhan Virus hit? Xi had the doors welded shut with the people still inside. Those people starved to death, not the virus. You see in Xi’s mind, they could not spread the covid this way. Wow-what a great humanitarian.

One World Leader

In Xi’s mind, he will be running the planet within 9 years since the Great Reset plan is now underway and he is very excited about the Great Reset let me tell you. Xi knows if things keep going this way the planet will be his to control. Hey, just for fun, where do think little rocket man went? Come on guess, do you suppose he disappeared just like all the other enemies of Xi? Anyone who opposes him simply disappears, like a horrible magic trick. Or all of sudden there are organs to be harvested, just saying…

Pretending to be a man?

The absolute insanity of Xi is mind-blowing. So what do you think, is he a demon pretending to be a man? Or is he possessed by a demon? There are not many other choices. Well, I guess he could be just an insane human, but that would be weird, right? 😉 I do not know for sure, but hey, we have a guy with Alzheimer’s disease running our country, so who knows. Of course, no one actually thinks Joe is running anything. Joe just signs things and then fumbles around to try and put the pen into his pocket for 20 minutes. Then he is told to go to his room until they call for him to sign something else or a photo opportunity. He is nothing more than a puppet. But for who exactly? That is the trillion-dollar question.

Since Xi’s plan is to take over the planet is the same plan as Satans. Well, they are kinda on the same team so to speak, like two peas in a pod. Only one has god-like powers and the other thinks he is a god. Then there is the population of China which has over 1 billion more soldiers, I mean people. The fact is all those people are so afraid of Xi they will not do anything to oppose him.

Thou shall not tempt the Lord your God

Especially since he is now a “god” and wants to be treated as one. Now Xi has told every Christian church to cover all the pictures of Jesus with Xi’s pictures. They even told them to cover all of God’s 10 commandments with Xi’s commandments. Also, he has done this for all the other religions including the Muslims, etc. Now that is just crazy! This life is so short, and Xi has a lot of explaining to do on judgment day.

In Closing

Well, I have done my best to inform you about the Greate Reset which is coming within the next 9 years. Honestly, I think all this will happen within two years. If God does not return soon that is. I am going through the scriptures and putting together God’s plan right now. It will be ready soon. You may not like it, but at least you will know the truth and the truth will set you free, as Jesus said.

If you like this information and want me to keep you informed on the world coming events. Then Please let me know by sharing it with people you know and love. You can also comment on it.

Thanks for reading this far, have a blessed day. Talk soon,

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