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The Reverend James Ussher, in his monumental work ‘The Annals Of The World’ spent 22 years outlining the history of the world. The world history starts with the day of creation and went until just after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. James Ussher main source of information was the Bible. And he supplemented his work with historical accounts from the time periods corresponding to Bible history. He was able to illustrate (and document) a chronological link from father to son, leader to leader, conqueror to conqueror, and or event to event.

He was able to pinpoint an actual time line. I believe his work will stand the test of time as for counting time. Say that three times fast. Mr. Usshers work stands alone as far as one of the best sources for outlining our world history. Because he believed that everything has existed for 4004 B.C. And if we add his 4004 years and as of this writing we add the year 2021 we get a total of 6025 years. Simple right? Well a lot of people claim to have different numbers. However, after researching this topic I have chosen James Usshers work.

Why I say buy this book

I suggest you buy his book “The Annals of the World” like I did, and you can judge for yourself. Everyone is starting to destroy our history, this is a great book to buy in printed form. So you have a copy of our history that you can trust, other than the bible itself. Especially since that the “1619 Project” that is just destroying the united states history, by just making up stuff. I still can not believe that people are actually destroying our history and our books. Yes, at this point they just will not let them be in the schools any more. But every week I hear of another book that is going bye bye. We are talking about Mark Twain, Shakespeare, and many other great works. I just know the bible will be on the list soon.

So go get “The Annals of the World” so you have a copy. I just wish I could talk to James Ussher, but since he died in 1656 the odds are I will not at least for a while. His personal library was over 10,000 volumes. All was for his research to pin point the exact date of creation. He said that God created the heavens the earth on 23rd of October in the year 710 of the Julian period. But in our Gregorian calendar which is the calendar used in most of the world we would say 4004 B.C. “I observed that the Sunday, which in the year 4004 B.C came nearest the autumn Equinox by astronomical tables, happened upon the 23rd day of Julian October”.

What is in a date

So as I was researching I have to add that here are the dates that people claim for example: 3992, 3949, 3952, 3761, and 4004. So as you can see they are all very close to one another with a 243 year spread. Since the bible tells us that we will exist for 7,000 years and it has been 6,025 already or 5,782 depending on who you trust as for the date. Either way, I will write an article on Gods plan and his return (no I will not claim a date) but God will return soon, which is a very loose number.

James Ussher also said that the flood occurred 2348 B.C. which did occur. There is tons of physical evidence today all around us about the flood.

Getting back to the book.

  • The book has 960 pages and it is big.
  • The gold edging is a nice touch.
  • It also comes with a CD.
  • This is a revised and updated version by Larry and Marion Pierce.
  • The first printing was October 2003, fifth printing August 2005.

The Annals of the World is our history according to the bible contents:

  • Editor’s Preface
  • The Epistle to the Reader
  • Key to References
    • Vol. I – The Annals of the Old Testament from the beginning of the World.
    • The Second Age of the World
    • The Third Age of the World
    • The Fourth Age of the World
    • The Fifth Age of the World
    • The Sixth Age of the World
  • Vol. II – The Latter Part of the Annals
    • The Seventh Age of the World
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix A: Roman Calendars
  • B: The Forgotten Archbishop
  • C: Ussher’s Time-line for the Divided Kingdom
  • D: Evidentiallism – The Bible and Assyrain Chronology
  • E: Some Objections Considered
  • F: Maps (these are really cool maps)
    • Ionia and Western Asia Minor,
    • Thrace and Euxine,
    • Conquests of Alexander,
    • Sicily and Greece
  • Appendix G: The Seder Olam Rabbah – Why Jewish Dating Is Different
  • Appendix H: Archeology and the Bible
  • Index

Questioning ages

Scientist today are questioning their own ages of the earth and the solar system as well. On page 892 under Astronomy and Ussher. An Astrogeophysicist Dr. John Eddy, who at the time was solar astronomer at the high altitude observatory in Boulder Colorado in 1978 stated:

“There is no evidence based solely on solar observations,… I suspect, he said, that the Sun is 4.5 billion years old. However, given some new and unexpected results to the contrary, and some time for frantic recalculation and theoretical readjustment, I suspect that we could live with Bishop Ussher’s Value for the age of the earth and Sun. I don’t think we have much in the way of observational evidence in astronomy to conflict with that.”

Dr. John Eddy Astrogeophysicist Note: Added bold type for emphasis.

Dedication to his work

I just know that you will appreciate the dedication that James Ussher put into this work. I am loving this book. It is so full of facts I could spend the next 10 years myself with it. Every page is a jewel, full of information you can use. An example is again on the same page 892 It breaks down the time line from Gensis 5, 11 and comes up with 2083. We are talking about the time of Abraham, that in itself is truly amazing information. Think about that single fact, God connected with Abraham at 2,083 years. Next we have another 2,000 and we get Jesus, and now as we all know its been another 2021 years later. Does this mean that God is just around the corner? What do you think?

You just have to get this book and study it, teach it to your children, your grand children. We owe it to our families to tell the truth about Gods word, and that he cares deeply about all of us. God truly wants all of us to make it, not all will. I go over that in “Why you were born?” and other articles.

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