Saint John is taught by Jesus

Jesus returns and teaches John, in an amazing story. It is very probable you have not seen any of this before. Well, for that matter neither did I until very recently. This information absolutely floored me. This information seems to be critical. Not to include this in the bible seems wrong? After you read this I am sure you will agree. Here is my problem with it; Saint Paul told us in II Tim 3:16 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness“. Also, when the church tells me to not read something I wonder why, and usually get it as fast as I can and then read it. Oh, I am a bad boy!

If God tells me something I do it without question. It is who is telling me that makes a difference. When the mainstream church tells me not to do something, I have no choice but to find out why. If you are wondering why I would say that? Well, they are the ones that lied to me my entire life! So yes I question everything they say today and yesterday. If you do not think they lie to you then you have not read all my work on this site. I am trying to teach people the truth about God and the bible, that is my mission until I die.

Apocrypha of John about Jesus

After Jesus came back, he spent 40 days with the apostles as you already know. But did he come back again and spend time with some of them again? Yes, Jesus did. We know he spent time with Paul because Paul told us. We know John scribed the book of Revelations Revelations 1:1 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him (Jesus), to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John

So all that nonsense of this being Johns book is just plain a lie. The first line proves that, I guess they do not realize that we all learned how to read when we were 6 years old. Anyway, as I was saying Jesus did come back and spent time with John, and that is what this is all about.

Jesus returns to John

You see after Jesus left, John was depressed, he was confused, and still had a lot of questions. One day when John was going to the temple, a Pharisee came up to him and said “Where is the teacher you used to follow?”. John replied, “He has gone back to the place from which he came” Then the Pharisee said to him “That Nazarene misled you, told you lies, closed your hearts and turned you away from your ancestral traditions.” So John, left and went to a deserted mountain. John as I said was unhappy, and said to himself “How was the Savior designated?, Why did his Father send him into the world?, Who is his Father?, What kind of realm will we go to? For, although he told us, ‘This realm is modeled on the imperishable realm,’ He didn’t teach us about the latter.”

While he was sitting there thinking about these questions the heavens opened up and shined with a bright light above him. Then there was an earth quake, John was afraid, and just then a little child appeared before him in the light, it then changed into an old man, then again into a young man. John said, “I didn’t understand what I was seeing, But the one likeness had several forms in the light, And these likenesses appeared each through the other And the vision had three forms.” Then Jesus said to him “John, why doubt? Why be afraid? Don’t you know this image? Be not afraid. I am with you always. I am the Father, The Mother, The Son, I am the incorruptible Purity.”

Jesus teaches John and all of us too!

Jesus Continued “I have come to teach you about what is, and what was, and what will be. In order for you to understand, the invisible world and the world that is visible and the immovable race of perfect humanity.” Jesus told him to raise his head and understand my lessons. Jesus also told John to share them with any others who have received the spirit, who are from the immovable race of perfect humanity.” He was saying you must be baptized, because when you are you are given God’s spirit, albeit a very small amount.

Jesus goes on to explain as best our simple minds can comprehend about God the Father. This is the part that blew my mind when I read it.

Jesus explains God to John

“The One rules all. Nothing has authority over it. It is the God, It is Father of everything, Holy One The invisible one over everything. It is uncontaminated Pure light no eye can bear to look within. The One is the Invisible Spirit. It is not right to think of it as a God or as like God. It is more than just God. Nothing is above it. Nothing rules it. Since everything exists within it It does not exist within anything. Since it is not dependent on anything It is eternal. It is absolutely complete and so needs nothing.

It is utterly perfect Light. The One is without boundaries Nothing exists outside of it to border it The One cannot be investigated Nothing exists apart from it to investigate it The One cannot be measured Nothing exists external to it to measure it The One cannot be seen For no one can envision it The One is eternal For it exists forever The One is inconceivable For no one can comprehend it The One is indescribable For no one can put any words to it.

God’s Perfection

The One is infinite light Purity Holiness Stainless, The One is incomprehensible Perfectly free from corruption. Not “perfect” Not “blessed” Not “divine” But superior to such concepts. Neither physical nor unphysical Neither immense nor infinitesimal It is impossible to specify in quantity or quality For it is beyond knowledge. The One is not a being among other beings It is vastly superior But it is not “superior.” It is outside of realms of being and time For whatever is within realms of being was created And whatever is within time had time allotted to it The One receives nothing from anything.

It simply apprehends itself in its own perfect light The One is majestic. The One is measureless majesty Chief of all Realms Producing all realms Light Producing light Life Producing life Blessedness Producing blessedness Knowledge Producing knowledge Good Producing goodness Mercy Producing mercy Generous Producing generosity It does not “possess” these things. It gives forth light beyond measure, beyond comprehension. What can I say? His realm is eternal, peaceful, silent, resting, before everything. He is the head of every realm sustaining each of them through goodness.”

Jesus explains to John

“We would know nothing of the ineffable (too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.) And nothing of the immeasurable Without the help of the one who comes forth from the One who is the Father. He alone has informed us. The Father is surrounded by light. He apprehends himself in that light which is the pure spring of the water of life that sustains all realms. God is conscious of his image everywhere around him, Perceiving his image in this spring of Spirit Pouring forth from himself.

He is enamored of the image he sees in the light-water, The spring of pure light-water enveloping him. His self-aware thought (ennoia) came into being. Appearing to him in the effulgence of his light. She stood before him. This, then, is the first of the powers, prior to everything. Arising out of the mind of the Father The Providence (pronoia) of everything. Her light reflects His light. She is from His image in His light Perfect in power Image of the invisible perfect Virgin Spirit. She is the initial power glory of Barbelo glorious among the realms glory of revelation She gave glory to the Virgin Spirit She praised Him For she arose from Him.

This, the first Thought, is the Spirit’s image She is the universal womb She is before everything She is: Mother-Father First Man Holy Spirit Thrice Male Thrice Powerful Thrice Named Androgynous eternal realm First to arise among the invisible realms. She, Barbelo, asked the virgin Spirit for foreknowledge (prognosis).
The Spirit agreed. Foreknowledge came forth and stood by Providence This one came through the Invisible Virgin Spirit’s Thought. Foreknowledge gave glory to the Spirit And to Barbelo, the Spirit’s perfect power, For She was the reason that it had come into being.


As you saw I had to look up the word “ineffable” but a great choice of words. If you were to describe God in one word that would be it. There is more, a lot more, but that is for another time. I will be recommending another book to you that will have this information so you can read it for yourself. Although I am in the process of evaluating the best one to get.

I do want to point out something that I noticed. Do you see how Jesus has changed since his return to God? His speech is totally different from when he spent time with us. I guess when you’re a god it is really hard to dumb down things for us mortals and he has changed back to his normal state I guess. Still, this is amazing it is more than knowledge, but the biggest question is, did this actually happen? Is this the truth since it was not included in the bible I suspect that it may not have actually happened? You be the judge, this is just a report on what was written.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I will always share as I learn more and more. I still have lots to learn and to share. But I wanted to share this right now. And yes all the other sections as well. I just do not have enough time in the day, with studying and writing, etc.

Please let me know what you think and check out our Facebook page. Have a blessed and wonderful day, talk soon.

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