Adam Lilith and Eve? Yep, you read that right, there was another one called Lilith. In the books of Enoch he tells us the story of Adams first wife. It is totally amazing and scary also. When I first read this I said, “No way?” And after you continue to read you get involved in the story and you will be shocked and amazed. So as it turns out Eve was Adams second wife, the first wife Lilith who went bad, really bad. How bad is what will shock you. Also what she is doing today, yes today will also shock and amaze you. How could she still be alive? You will learn that also, and what she does is so evil it is unbelievable.

This comes from the Book of Enoch. Enoch was 7th from Adam. This comes from Jude 1:14 “And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,“. Now, think just how would Jude have known about Enoch. Yes, Jesus could have told him especially since he was his younger brother. But that is not the only place.

Adam and Enoch

The books of Enoch are actually in some older bibles. Not the King James which is what I always quote from. I recently picked up a book called “The Books of Enoch” I have been buying lots of books lately. I am not sure just how long we are going to be able to get books. Since they are banning them in schools etc. I will put a link so you can pick up a copy for yourself at the bottom of this article. I highly recommend this book by Joseph B. Lumpkin. I think it is really important for all of us to know all the truths of God. The fact that these scriptures were written down for us tells me to find them up and read them.

Why they did not add the Apocrypha like that in the 1611 King James bible I just bought, I do not really know. I just know I am reading and learning as much about our God as possible. I want to be in a position that God could use me when he comes back. You should too. The more we know the better our chances, its that simple.

I am not going to quote the entire book here. I will paraphrase the book, otherwise it will be a book instead of an article. I will put quotes around the actual text and italics it so you know what is a real quote from the book. So lets jump in and learn about what most likely you have never heard before, I know I did not know.

Adams and Lilith

Back when God created everything, on the 6th day God created man and woman from the dust of the earth. Then God breathed the breath of life into them and they became living souls. After that God gave them the power of speech. So God named the man Adam and the woman Lilith. Yes, Lilith, not Eve. And God gave them both dominion over all things. Since God created Adam and Lilith at the same time neither was the master of the other.

Who is in charge?

Because of this fact Adam and Lilith argued all the time. Lilith was a little stubborn. In fact Lilith told Adam that she would not be below him in anything including sex! Lilith said to Adam “I want the superior position.” However, Adam would not relent either. Adam told Lilith that God had created him to be the head of the family and the affairs of earth. Well, Lilith went totally ballistic and would not agree. So Adam spoke to God and they discussed this issue. Then Adam and God talked to Lilith trying to come to an arrangement, but Lilith would not listen to Adam or even God.

Lilith became so frustrated, and angry. She was so enraged that she “pronounced the holy and ineffable name of God“. “Corrupting the power of the name, she flew into the air, changing form, and disappeared, soaring out of sight.” Wow, that is amazing, right? I mean just how mad was she to even think of doing something like that is crazy. So maybe this is why the third commandment is to not take the Lords name in vain? That commandment protects us from our own stupidity.

Gods Powers

Think about this, God spoke everything into existence and John calls Jesus the word. Apparently specific words have power. I know you can really hurt someone with them. But when you are talking about Gods power and then use that unwisely, well you end up like Lilith. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that witches use spells (words) to conger up there evil. I do not pretend to understand how any of this works. But I would not temp God in any way, and now that I have read this the third commandment means even more to me and should to you as well.

Getting back to the story Adam stood there now all alone. Adam was confused, and prayed to God “The woman you gave to me has run away” Three Angles were dispatched to get Lilith and bring her back. The Angles ordered Lilith to come back with them under Gods orders, but she refused. “As her rebellion increased, she changed, becoming more and more ugly and demonic.” Then God spoke into Lilith’s heart, saying,

“You have chosen this evil path, and so shall you become evil. You are cursed from now until the end of days.”


Lilith then talked to the Angles and said to them, “I have become this, created to cause sickness, to kill children, which I will never have, and to torment men.” “With those words, she completed her demonic transformation.” Lilith was now a succubusShe is confined to the night, she as destined to roam the earth, seeking newborn babes, stealing their lives, and strangling them in their sleep. She torments men even now, causing lust and evil dreams. Her rebellious and evil spirit forever traps her. Bound in the darkness of her own heart, Lilith became the mistress and lover to the legion of demons. And Adam’s countenance fell and he mourned for he had love Lilith, and he was again alone and lonely.

Wow, so she went from a loving person to evil in one day! So Adams first wife went nuts and turned into an evil demon. How very sad indeed. Think about this, Lilith was to be the Mother of every human to ever live. Her destiny was incredible but she wanted to be in charge. The only one really in charge is God, and everyone us subservient to God period. People should not worry about the little things and concentrate on the big picture. Loving God with all your heart, being kind to everyone.

Adam was alone

God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Now begins the story all of us know, where God took one of Adams ribs and made Eve. I can see why they did not want to put this story into the bible. I mean it really is a very sad and horribly sad story. I really do feel bad for Lilith, but she did not want to follow orders and now she is paying for that rebellious act. I still think they should have added it to the bible. There are a number of lessons that can be learned from this story. But again I can see why they left it out. Well now you know the rest of the story.

I know it’s crazy but it could also be our past, or our history. The reason I say could is because this did not come from the bible. So who knows really if any of it is the true or not. I do know that lots of people today want to erase our history. How can we learn from our history if they erase it. Lessons are needed to help us learn not to do certain things. When you touch something hot, you learn not to do that, right? When you do not know about something that someone else has already learned, you are doomed to repeat it. All the globalists and their agenda… Gee that sounds kinda familiar? Like in Revelations?

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

George Santayana

In closing

Everyone needs to keep awake today. Read study and learn as much as possible. Study the 10 commandments or 11? and make sure you know them by heart. Who knows how long you can even buy a bible anymore. They are starting to take away many of our rights, like going to church etc. They are banning so many books from schools, it makes me very nervous. I think we are all about to learn a lot of things we do not want to learn again. The world is starting down a very dangerous path, don’t you think. That is all I am going to say. Have a blessed day.

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The Books of Enoch

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  1. Lucifer was an angel of light before he was tossed out of heaven and who knows how much older he is. But Satan is older. As far as Lilith, this information comes from the book of Enoch, 7th from Adam. True or not true I can not tell?

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