This is a list of book I own and book I recommend you buy. These are small articles telling you about each book. Why I recommend you buy them. Also as you know they are removing books from schools at a break neck pace. Who knows just how far this will go. So buy books you can hold and read. Do not buy an electronic edition that you can loose or have taken from you. I am very serious about this, but I am also an affiliate, and will make a small amount form each purchase. I need to keep the lights on somehow? This website costs me money, so I needed to do something to keep it going.

This seems to kill two birds with one stone. I get to recommend the books I love and get something in return, its not a lot. But every little bit helps. The price is the same to everyone no matter if you buy it from my links or someone else. So I would appreciate it if you use the links I provide. Even if you do not use my links get these books, you will be glad you did. I also will post these on our Facebook page.