Bible Knowledge is the basis of everything. Without the holy scriptures we would be as dumb as rocks. God taught us how to do everything, from washing our hands in running water, to what to eat. Oh ya, most of you do not follow that one, oops... Go ahead and eat your bacon and sundries and see how things go. Do the wet markets in China ring any bells?

I am sad to say that although God told us what was right and what was wrong people are going to be people and do what ever the heck they want to do.

I will continue to write articles and try and teach as many people as I can what the Bible truly says. Not my opinion but what it really says. I am not better than anyone else. I just have a mission to help as many come to know the true lord as possible. Once you know the truth it is up to you to act on that truth or not. The choice is your to make, and it is also Gods choice to to let in and who to keep out.  Get my point...

Remember when Jesus said "I beheld Satan being thrown out of heaven like lighting" (I paraphrased that) Anyone who does not live up to God's standards will not make it into the God family period. It is not me saying that it is God. So I really hope that you read and learn as much as possible about all of God's words and laws. His laws are really important and you should know as many as possible.  Just remember what man says "Ignorance is no excuse for the law" and if man says that what do you think God says?

Please just remember this: God gave us laws to live by. They were not for him, but for us. God wants every single person to live a good, long and wonderful life. But in order to do that you must follow some basic rules. The 11 commandments, what to eat, the 7 feasts etc. These are not hard and not to keep you from having fun with life. They are all meant for your well being, enough said...