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About us at Nexus Bible

Nexus is Latin for binding together and the bible does that very well in fact.

Hello and welcome to our About us page,

My name is Timothy, I am not a priest or a minister or anything like that. I am just a normal everyday man that has studied the bible for well over 8,000 hours. That does not make me an expert in any way shape or form.

However, what I discovered truly shocked me. So, much that I felt the need to share this information with as many people as possible.

You can say it has become my mission to do this for many reasons. Mostly because I am not a priest or any kind of staff member of any church I can say things that they can not say. I do not mean horrible things, I mean the truth about how the Catholic church lied to me my entire life. Things like that, they would not say, but I will.

Things like that when you die you go to heaven, which is a scam by the church to keep people in line. Apparently, they feel we are not smart enough to figure things out for ourselves. Oh, but we did and that terrifies them in so many ways.

So, what I offer is the real truth about what God told us in the King James Bible which was created by translating the original scriptures from people like Moses, and the other prophets, etc. To be clear I will always quote the King James Version of the bible. And for a very good reason which I will cover.

5 Billion Copies

You would think that any book that has over 5 billion copies would be an open book. Meaning everyone should know the truth that the bible offers. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

What everyone has told us for generations is not what the bible says. Yes I know that sounds crazy, but it is so very true. Again, all of us have been lied to about a lot of things. I know that sounds crazy, but since I can prove it to you or anyone I am not crazy.

All you have to do is read one article called “What happens when you die?“. After you read that single article you will know the real truth and it will shock you.

But don’t stop there keep reading all the other articles and you will see you have lied to your entire life. Yes, I know that is a very bold statement. No, none of the articles will trick you. I will simply show you what the bible says and you will finally know the truth. Oh, and in case you think I changed something, I give you the scripture book and numbers and you can look it up for yourself. So you will soon finally see the truth for yourself.

Do you believe?

Let me ask you did you start out as a nonbeliever? I did, I was not sure that God even existed at all. I mean my entire life people all over the world told me things that did not make sense if God existed.

Does this sound familiar to you. Are you yourself convinced yet? Did you know that the Bible itself actually proves God’s existence? Yes by itself, I know, it is weird, but it does and can be easily proven scientifically.

See this is the kind of thing that I am talking about. We live in a world that is controlled by certain people. In fact, that should be easy to see today since the left took over the house that is white, in the USA everything has gone down a hill. Oh, and it will continue to go down that hill faster and faster until it hits bottom.

We are all being manipulated by something or someone. I would say that Satan has a large hand in all of this. For example “Who is the God of this world?” well click that link and read and find out.

I grew up as a practicing Roman Catholic, we went to church every Sunday just like a lot of you. Did you ever ask your parents or Grandparents if God was real? Did everyone say “they were not sure”?

Well if they were not sure, why would they even go to church?

Perhaps they thought “I am not sure if God exists or not but I am going to buy a ticket to heaven”. That was the typical story at least up to 1993. Why 1993, that is then people stopped going to church? Yes, thousands and thousands of people stopped going to church. That is a very provable fact. An extremely sad fact, but it is true.

When the United State of America tossed out God like an old rage, we started going downhill. We are in danger right now. Don’t you feel it?

The entire country has gone in the toilet every since.

New Guinea?

I really want you to follow me for just a minute. I want you to think about this. If you and I mean YOU were born and raised in Papua New Guinea you may have grown up as a practicing Cannibal.

Seriously, you read that right! Think about it, when you grew up whatever your family believed was true to you and you also believed it. However, was it the correct way to think and act?

Cannibals still exist today, they really do still exist! So all those people in Papua New Guinea as of 2012 are still Cannibals. I know it is bizarre and strange to think about. But for cultural reasons, they still practice cannibalism in their rituals and so do various Melanesian tribes, weird, right?

I know, to think even today people are actually eating people, gross, right? But I am trying to make a point. Think of this, does your family believe when you die you go to heaven or hell.

But does the bible actually say that? Do you know for a fact that it does, or did someone just tell you that and you believed them because your Mother or Father would never lie to you, right?

But what happens when a thought is handed down generation after generation. People just believe things because they were told that is the way it is.

Do you know for a fact that when you die God either embraces you or condemns you to eternity in an ever-burning hell?

People today take all these things for granted, it seems no one questions anything anymore. Do you know the real TRUTH? Or, has your family lied to you your entire life?


That is what this website is all about, telling the truth about what is actually in the bible. Everything is proven from the actual scriptures from the KJV bible.

I know it has 750,000 words so it is actually easy to trick people to think “something is right” when it may be the exact opposite of what they are saying.

Nuts, right? That is why you and I will process all of this together. The plan is to walk you through the real answers and you can make the decision yourself.

I will not have to tell you to think anything, you will actually just read it yourself and know the real truth. Now, that was easy to say; but the truth is harder to believe than the lie sometimes, especially if you have spent your entire life believing something that is totally wrong.

Then there is this, God did hide some information in plain sight in the bible. Yes, that part does not help my case, but they are all right there in plain sight, really it is there. You just need to know where to find the answers. And you kind of need someone to show you as well. It is so much easier with a guide. Someone who already knows how to actually read it correctly. Yes, it sounds weird, but if you just give it half a chance you will see I am telling you the truth.


Also, you need to look up the scriptures to make sure they were not translated incorrectly. That is where the 750,000 words can confuse the casual reader. Let me offer one thing right now. Isaiah 20:9-10 tells you how to actually read the bible. Notice how it says those who are weaned from the milk. If you are very young it is much harder to understand than when you are more mature.

28:9 Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.
28:10 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:

Isaiah 28:9-10 KJV Note: Bold text is for effect and not from the bible.

Churches Today?

Remember when it used to be all about God. Yes, not so much anymore. Many of today’s churches are not about God anymore; let me explain.

Today, it is all about the money (tithes, and offerings) and anytime money is involved it also becomes about power too. God calls that kind of money “filthy lucre”. I am not saying that your church is that way, how would I know. But maybe that is why so many people feel disenchanted and leave the church. I can tell you that most people I knew through work etc. could care less about going to church.

It should not be this way, but it is today. Everyone should care and care deeply about God. After all, he created you and if you play your cards right you can live with him FOREVER!

Saint Paul said “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as all of you see the day approaching.
Is the day approaching as so many people believe today?

Hebrews 10:25 KJV Note: Bold text is for effect and not from the bible.

So let me say thank you for being a Christian and investigating the real truth is in the Bible. There are far fewer of us today than just 27 years ago. Did you know that 36 percent fewer Americans attend church weekly in 2020 than did in 1993? This is according to the Barna survey data. (See link below)

1 in 4?

Currently, only 1 in 4 Americans is a practicing Christian. I know all of this is God’s plan, but it seems the devil is also working overtime lately. Just look at everything that has happened in the year 2020 and 2021. If you want to see the state of Christianity from a statistics point of view, just use the link below to read it for yourself. Note: It will open into another tab so you can come back easily.

“Barna Group has been gathering survey data on the long-term shifts that have occurred in the United States over the last several decades.”

State of the Church 2020 in State of the Church 2020 • March 4, 2020

So it is my sincere hope that between our videos, articles, Facebook, etc. you can find all the real truth. I intend to answer as many questions as I can before “the end time” occurs. My time, or God’s time either one. I am 65 years old so according to the bible I should get another 5 years at least, I pray, and God willing I will be here to help as many people as I can.

In Closing

I really hope you enjoy this site and share it with all your friends and family. I also wanted to tell you we are also affiliates for products that you will see on this site. We need to make money to support the site, especially since we are not a church.

Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

II Timothy 2:15 KJV

May God bless every one of you, and thanks for stopping by.