Decoding the Timelines: Christ’s Return and the Awakening Series

Christs Return – I come Quickly

Greetings, seekers of truth! In this installment of the Awakening Series, we embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies surrounding Christ’s return, a revelation explicitly shared by Jesus Himself. Brace yourselves for a treasure trove of previously unknown details that delve into the mysteries of time, prophecy, and the imminent return of the Savior.

The Countdown Begins: Christ’s Promised Return

Jesus, in no uncertain terms, disclosed the timeframe for his return. He declared that he would come back before the end of a specific age, a proclamation that carries profound significance. This is not just another piece of information; it is the key to unlocking the most powerful knowledge you will ever encounter.

Awakening to the End Times

We find ourselves living in the end times, a reality that resonates with many today. The intensity of this awareness is reflected in the raging fury and malice exhibited by the forces of darkness, indicating a pivotal moment in history. The world, currently under the influence of Hellenists devoted to Lucifer, is in need of a divine plan for liberation.

Decoding the Ages: The Great Year and Pisces Age

Understanding the concept of ages is paramount to deciphering the timing of Christ’s return. Each age spans an impressive 2,160 years, collectively known as the Great Year. Contrary to astrology, this is rooted in astronomy, a crucial distinction. Presently, we find ourselves in the Pisces Age, a period determined by the precession of the equinox and the earth’s axial wobble.

Historical Insight: Celestial Signs of the Ages

Our ancestors, deeply connected to God, observed celestial phenomena during the vernal equinox, signaling the prevailing age. This ancient wisdom, rooted in scientific understanding, aligns with the biblical narrative. Remarkably, the birth of Christ coincides with the age of Pisces, affirming the divine orchestration of time.

Counting Down the Years: A Probable Timeline

Jesus walked the earth approximately 2,023 years ago, setting the stage for a countdown to his prophesied return. With each age lasting 2,160 years, we stand at the precipice, with a mere 137 to 146 years before the fulfillment of Christ’s word. It’s not a distant future; it’s an imminent reality.

Charting Possibilities: Statistical Insights

Collaborating with ChatGPT, we’ve created a probability chart to add a numerical dimension to this revelation. According to our calculations, Christ’s return is statistically suggested to occur before 2053. Beyond this point, anticipation grows, losing the surprise factor described by Jesus as a “thief in the night” moment.

Are You Prepared?

The urgency of our times calls for introspection and preparedness. While these calculations are speculative, they prompt us to consider the possibility of witnessing Christ’s return in our lifetime. Share this information with your circle, for awareness is the first step toward preparation.

Events Preceding Christ’s Return: A Checklist

As we ponder the potential timeline, consider pivotal events that must unfold before Christ’s return. From the rise of a persecuting world leader to economic crises, wars, earthquakes, and the establishment of a cashless society, the signs are both intriguing and challenging. It is crucial to recognize that while we can anticipate these events, the exact day and hour remain unknown.

Conclusion: A Call to Awakening

In conclusion, the awakening to Christ’s imminent return is a journey that requires collective awareness and individual preparedness. As we explore the upcoming videos in this series, delve deeper into the seals, the woes, and other prophetic revelations, subscribe to stay informed and enlightened. The awakening series is just beginning, and the mysteries of biblical prophecy await those with open hearts and seeking minds. Are you ready for the awakening? Subscribe now and be part of the journey.

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I am just a normal person that has studied the bible a lot. What I found really shocked me. Just about everything I was told is not what it says in the Bible. You need to know the real truth about what God told us in the bible. I promise if your like me, it will shock you too.

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