Title: Unveiling the Prophetic Tapestry: Awakened Zeros and the Fourth Seal

Jesus Return – Part 2

Greetings, Nexus Bible community!

Welcome back to part two of our series as we continue our deep dive into the intricate web of biblical prophecy. Before we begin, I want to address a comment from our last video that has been on my mind. Someone expressed concern about being too late for baptism. Let me reassure you—it’s never too late. Baptism is a powerful and symbolic act, regardless of when you choose to undertake it.

The Awakened Zeros: Unveiling the Fourth Seal

Now, let’s delve into the heart of today’s discussion—the fourth seal. In Revelation 6:7, the breaking of the fourth seal reveals a pale horse ridden by Death, accompanied by Hades. This ominous rider symbolizes death’s authority over a quarter of the earth’s population through various means like war, famine, disease, and beasts.

Unraveling the Misconception

Before we explore the implications of this seal, let’s address a linguistic nuance. The term “pale horse” is commonly mistranslated and should actually read “green horse.” This correction aligns with the symbolism of decay and death, as things turn green when they rot. Now, an intriguing perspective shared by an elder in my church, Adrian, offers a dual interpretation.

Two Interpretations: Death Toll or Influence?

Adrian proposes two potential readings of this seal. The first, in line with traditional understanding, suggests that 25% of mankind will perish. The second, more speculative, proposes that 25% will be given power or influenced to cause harm to the remaining 75%. It’s a challenging concept to grasp, raising questions about possession, influence, or even demonic involvement.

World Events and the Soft Coup

As we grapple with these interpretations, it’s crucial to connect these prophetic insights with current world events. Our global landscape is undergoing significant changes, described by some as a “soft coup.” The agenda involves creating new laws under the guise of pandemic preparedness and biosecurity, potentially ignoring existing human rights laws.

The Warning in Isaiah 28:15

Isaiah 28:15 warns against making a covenant with death, emphasizing the consequences of relying on falsehoods for refuge. This resonates with the breaking of the fourth seal, illustrating the futility of trying to escape divine judgment.

God’s Warnings Throughout History

Referencing Jeremiah 15:2-3, Ezekiel 5:12-13, and Hosea 13:14, we observe recurring themes of divine retribution for disobedience and the shedding of innocent blood. These prophecies, echoing the fourth seal, serve as timeless warnings that have gone unheeded by humanity.

Hope Amidst the Chaos: Hosea 13:14

Yet, in Hosea 13:14, there’s a glimmer of hope. The prophet Hosea conveys God’s promise to ransom His people from the power of the grave and redeem them from death. This serves as a contrasting message, hinting at redemption amidst the impending chaos.

In our next installment, we’ll continue unraveling the prophetic tapestry with the fifth, sixth, and seventh seals, trumpets, and woes. Stay tuned for a detailed exploration of the cry of the martyrs, cosmic disturbances, and the prelude to the seventh trumpet.

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